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Atlantis Holiday Apartments Green Policy  


We will endeavour to ensure, as far as possible, that our activities have minimal impact upon the environment.
We encourage our guests to be environmentally aware through initiatives such as

recycling, energy efficiency, and the purchase of environmentally friendly products. 

We support, use and promote local produce, food, drink & crafts.


Water & Energy conservation

We use energy efficient light bulbs, lower temperatures & switch off lights in unoccupied rooms.

Movement sensors are used for lights in communal areas.

Loft spaces are insulated and we have double glazed windows.

Fridges, washing machines and dishwashers are all eco-friendly and are A & B rated.

All televisions are Energy Savings Trust recommended.

They use less energy than standard models, therefore lowering energy bills and helping the environment.


We are reducing water usage by installing dual flush cisterns and water saving devices in the older

cistern; we will be using a water butt for watering flowers. All apartments have filter taps and guests are asked
to refill drinking water bottles to reduce wastage. We have installed a cover over the

swimming pool which has reduced our heating and chemical costs.
We will promote and support
local environmental projects e.g. Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust.
Guests using the computer or Wi-fi are asked to make a contribution towards the Trust.


Reduce waste by recycling everything possible.

We are replacing all bins in the apartments with dual recycling bins.

Glass, tins, aluminium, paper & plastics are recycled. We give clothes to charity shops,

use refillable soap dispensers and re-use margarine and ice cream tubs as storage containers.

We utilize scrap paper for note paper and re-use old envelopes where suitable.

We use a Freecycle website to advertise any unwanted furniture, carpets, bedding etc.

During refurbishment we reuse wood, pipe etc.



We aim to use Eco-friendly cleaning products and avoid purchasing products with unnecessary packaging.
Eco-friendly washing up liquid, toilet cleaner and other cleaning products are supplied by us.

Guests are encouraged to use the local Co-op store who stock a range of Fair Trade products.

We only use the car for occasional journeys and prefer to walk whenever possible.


Customer experience

Atlantis is a non-smoking establishment. A supply of visitor information on attractions, places to visit,

walks and bus timetables are available for guests, more information is on the Attractions page.

 Atlantis offers secure parking for cyclists.

We welcome any suggestions about how our environmental policy can be further improved.



We will promote and encourage wildlife, flora & fauna at Atlantis. We have erected nesting boxes

and a feeding table. We will have additional reference information on wildlife available for visitors.